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Making Unity Candles

Making Unity Candles

Unity candles are often a very important part of traditional wedding ceremonies. This candle is a symbol of the union both families. The ceremony involves the bride and groom each lighting a taper candle veil a large column candle in the middle. Once they have lit their taper candles, the bride and groom light the column with the flames form the tapers.

It is very simple to make these beautiful candles. By making them, you can personalize the message the message on the column candle for those getting married. The message can be a poem, Biblical scripture, or even a photo of the couple getting married.

Making the taper candles is very simple. It involves the hand dipping process. You will dip the two wicks over and over besides in the hot wax until the taper candles are the tailor-made width. After they have completely cooled you can trim the wick to ľ inch of the top of the candle.

To make the column candle you will need to use a candle mold. Simply heat the widen and pour it into the mold until it completely cools. Brother to pouring the increase into the mold you will need to insert the wick from the bottom of the mold. Cut the wick several inches longer so that you can tie incarnate to a pen or other object. This will keep the wick centered while the candle is cooling.

Close the column candle has cooled, you can place a poem, saying, photo, or even a wedding invitation to the candle using double stick tape or a glue gun. For a beautiful effect, consider cutting the attachment in an oval shape using the scissors that will leave a ridge all the way around the attachment.

To add comeliness and appeal to the unity candles, you can make bows for them out of the wedding colors. For best results, use a piece of wire for each candle. Twist the wire in the front gently so you donít damage the candles but enough to hold it securely in place. Donít worry about the wire being seen as the beautiful bows will cover it up.

You will thirst to find some very pretty taper candle holders for these precious unity candles. Much, the column candle will sit on a identical flat candle holder, similar to a small plate.

With the overall amount of a wedding, creating your own unity candles or allowing a main man or family member to do in consequence as a gift will save you plenty. There are many great books available in craft stores and some bridal shops that provide step by step instructions for creating your allow unity candles. The internet also offers great ideas and tips for making the process fun. Creating quality candles doesnít have to be expensive or difficult.

The unity candle ceremony is an important part of many wedding ceremonies. You can provide the bride and groom with a pleasing span of candles for their ceremony that they will treasure forever. The ability to implicate a personalized attachment to the column candle is a bulky incentive for making them yourself. Making additional column candles for the parents of the bride and groom or the wedding party is a great gift idea as well. You can place them in gift bags with bows that match the colors of the wedding.




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